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black teal fairy

Filing Your Stamper

I forgot to mention this last time, but this goes along with the teal spiral nails from that post...

Before stamping the nails I tried a sample stamp on paper to see how the design would look in black. It did not turn out, tons of breaks and gaps in the print. I tried again and again using different techniques - plastic & metal scrapers, pressing lighter or harder, scraping the polish from different directions - and I still could not get a good print. You can see all of the failures across the top row & the paper in the back ~

Stamping samples (before & after filing)

I started getting pretty frustrated and worried, so I searched around online and a few sites recommended filing down the surface of the stamper a bit with a nail file, I suppose to give it a little more grip. I did a little filing, wiped the stamper clean (nail polish remover), and the next prints turned out lovely & crisp! You can see the two black stamps on the bottom row (ignore the dark gray, I was trying out a polish that ended up being too thin) and the last stamp was done in the silver polish I used on the nails. Such a big difference!!


I really loved the colours you chose for the teal sprial nails, it turned out great. Do you end up wiping the stamper with nail polish remover between each nail?
I wipe the plate off well in between each stamp (a very wet q-tip with nail polish remover, then blot it dry with a paper towel), and then if there are any little bits on the stamper I just wipe it off with the same q-tip.

Often there is nothing left on the stamper, sometimes just a tiny piece of polish, sometimes more ~ If you are using a full pattern print then whatever did not attach to your nail stays on the stamper, so stamping a pinky nail can leave a lot behind!
Oh I am so glad you posted the info, I have been looking at your posts and thinking that these would be super cool used on some of my clay pendants and I watched the video and saw how they were done and I think if I used acrylic paint instead of nail polish that they would look cool on a face pendant. I think as long as I used a paint that wasn't to runny that it should work?
I heard about some girls using acrylic paint on the nails so I tried searching for some pictures or something online. I found a set of videos on youtube & thought the results did not look that great...

At first she couldn't get it to work at all, but once she let the paint sit for a bit after scraping it (to dry a little bit) she was able to pick up the image on the stamp, but the paint was a bit squishy. (She may have also let it sit on the stamper?)

I think it could be done, but you'd probably have to experiment a bit before it would work - thick paint, thin paint, waiting different amounts, etc. Or maybe you could even add the designs with nail polish?
Good to know! Thanks for sharing!
Filing the rubber stamper helps?!
It definitely helped mine - proof above! That may be specific to the Konad brand stampers though?

You mentioned using a card for the scraper before - I tried switching between the two & seemed to get a better print with the Konad scraper. (I wish it didn't leave light scratches on the plate, but it doesn't mess up the print so I can deal with it.)
I knew these stampers were more involved than originally thought!

I'm glad you didn't give up though, because those bottom swirls look GREAT!
I can't wait to see more designs from you!
Oh yeah, you definitely have to do a little trial & error. I'm still learning how to line them up where I want the design on my nail - I often have to wipe it off & print again (but I'm also overly picky about that type of thing!!) I think you've got the crafting prowess to tackle them though ;)
I just found some new nail polish at our local Fred Meyers that is called Absolute Magnetic nail polish that has magnetic particles in the polish and while it is still wet you take the magnet that it comes with and hold it over the polish and it creates patterns in it. Looks really cool, cant wait to try it!
Yes, the magnetic polishes look pretty cool! They are getting pretty popular now - I've seen a few brands making them. I've heard they work well too!