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My new craft :D Recycled Phone Book Bowl

Well, my search for a free-time craft has ended, and I think I will be entertained for a while. It is a compilation of several ideas I've been throwing around ~ I've started making bowls out of various recycled items. Very soon I will be making vases as well, and who knows what other shapes, but for now I just have a bowl to work with.

My first bowl, made with an old phone book ~

I have a few more finishing touches to add to this one ~ a good coat of clear coat & I need to clean up the rim a little. I am thinking a black rim would look very nice. I also have a fabric strip bowl (same colors as the bag & wallet I made recently) made up, but the inside is not finished yet. I will finish that tonight & try to get pictures up tomorrow.

It is just the perfect use for the waste paper & fabric strips I've been wanting to use in something. I don't make recycled paper enough to use as much scrap paper as I produce at work. But there are many layers of paper in each bowl. (I don't really want to give away the secrets of making them though, since I am going to try to sell them.)

The only problem that I might have is if I can not sell them on the site. I've had that problem with most of the extra items I've added on the site (handmade candles, peyote beaded necklaces, etc.), so I've had to stop making them. I really don't need more than a few myself, and don't have many people to give them as gifts to. That is what usually ends up killing a new craft like this, but hopefully it won't be a problem!! I think they are quite awesome myself ;)
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