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Trimming the Tree

I am so glad a had a chance to start things early this year, putting up the tree, buying all of the gifts & getting them wrapped & ready. At first I worried that having things done so early would make the wait for Christmas that much harder, but with the mad dash to get all of the orders finished & in the mail on time, I haven't even had a chance to think about the approaching day.

As I mentioned before, my posts are running a bit late right now, but I've made a list & will work harder to get caught up on all the things I've been wanting to post about. But, I might not divulge just how old some of the photos are!

I've been watching lost of cheesy Christmas movies, and when one of them mentioned stringing up popcorn garland I suddenly was hit with the desire to string up some pom-poms instead. I'm not entirely sure where this idea came from, if I had seen it done before, but I knew it would be wonderful.

Justin was not so excited about the idea & was very worried the whole thing would end up looking too tacky. After I strung it up he gave his permission for it to decorate the tree ~ I'm not sure if he decided it looked good after all, or if he just gave in because I was so excited, but I think it's extremely cute! I bought red & white pom-poms in 1/4" & 3/4" sizes & alternated colors, 2 small, one large, repeat.

Peppermint Pom-pom Garland

The poor little tree was also in desparate need of a nice tree-topper, so I decided that an origami star would work nicely. I had a lot of trouble coming up with any good search results until I thought to try 'modular origami star', which just means that it is made up of lots of the same pieces, all hooked together (and is what I had in mind in the first place).

My first trial involved these curler units, which can be used in a variety of numbers to make different spheres (or 'stars'). I planned on making a 12-piece sphere, but it was so awkward to try to stretch it out far enough, so I opted for the 24-piece. Here you can see one unit at the bottom, and two sets of 'triangles', with three units curled together.

Curler Sphere Pieces

The bad thing about modular origami is, while they will often tell you what size paper to start out with, they don't tell you what size the finished piece is. For this ball I divided a normal sheet of paper long-ways into fourths and then made three squares (2.75") out of each strip. Two sheets of paper will give you enough squares for the 24-piece sphere, which ended up being about 2.75" and just lovely.

Curler Sphere

But not nearly large enough to top the tree (and with no real way to place it there!). It is currently serving as a lovely snowball right now, and will probably end up as an ornament.

The next star I made was this 30-piece 'Arabesque', but without curling the edges at the end. While the directions were pretty easy to follow, there are a lot of steps, and I was sad to see that a lot of the steps were unecessary or overly complex. I could easily elimiate about half (After #20, at the bottom corners, just pop in the middle layer, so now you just have the front & back layer. That one move will take you all the way to step #30. #30-39 are unecessary, you are just making creases for a fold later, which is easier to make without the creases.).

Modular Origami Star

I used some of our silver striped wrapping paper to make the squares. The three rolls of red & silver prints I have this year are very pretty, but so abnormally thick, they actually make wrapping difficult, and the tape barely keeps the package closed (they often pop open). My star pieces would not stay together on their own, so I actually stitched the pieces together with silver thread as I added them.

The squares were 3" & the finished star is 3.75". Still a little smaller than I would have liked, but it will have to do!

Origami Star Tree Topper

And here is our tiny tree in all of it's glory, haha.

Our Tiny Tree

I really do like having the small tree though, it's just perfect for us right now & fits all of the ornaments we've accumulated. And underneath the tree (on a lower table) sits the first set of presents, most of which were opened for birthdays. (This is only a small sampling of them)

Red & Silver
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