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black teal fairy

Goodbye Live Journal *sniffle*

For several years I have been posting my blog both on Live Journal and Blogger. I always considered this my main blog and just copied & pasted the posts on Blogger to try to reach new readers. But times are changing! Over the years almost all of the friends I made here have left. Whenever I share a blog post or my blog address, I link over to Blogger because people are much more familiar with it. It has slowly taken over as my 'main blog'.

I kept posting on both because it only added a few extra minutes, but lately I've been wanting to link back to old posts more. Like when I post a recipe, I want to reference a post where I showed how to prepare one of the ingredients, or talked about a technique. And it is a pain in the butt to hunt up both the LJ and Blogger link for the old post and paste them on each site separately! It has become a hassle to try to update both.

I've almost pulled the plug a few times now, but put it off because I've been posting on here for almost 11 years!! I think it's finally time to force myself to say goodbye.

My old posts will still be here, and I will keep blogging over on Blogger. I hope the few readers I have here will follow me over ~ you don't want to miss the Low-cal Creamy Asian Peanut dressing I'm about to post! ;)