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black teal fairy

Funky Modern Couches

While we were in the process of buying the new house, one of the first things I started shopping around for was a new couch. Or two. We'd been living with a hand-me-down pink couch for 10 years that was falling apart, and we weren't loving our black leather couch much either.

I would love to own a really crazy modern couch, but they are mostly way out of our price range (or the work of a designer & not for sale). I found some beauties while I was searching though & wanted to share the love. I wasn't able to find info for all of these, but will link the pics to what I could find. Enjoy!



I also had a hand-me-down pink couch that was falling apart after ten years, at one point in my life! Then I graduated to an Ikea couch that fell apart after five years. We're in comfy couch land now, but the matching chair got peed on by a bad cat and it's currently in a state of "do we throw it out?" despite several cleanings. So...keep cats off of nice couches, is the moral of the story! :)
We bought the black leather couch maybe about 6 years ago, and within a month the padding had worn down on the spot I liked to sit and you'd bump a wooden board if you sat down to far back. Not happy, but we only paid $500 & learned our lesson!

Luckily our cat is fixed & never pees on anything. (Our son is another story, haha) Does the cat keep trying to pee on it again? I know even once you the smell is gone for you, they can still smell it & want to keep marking it. Maybe do a Pinterest search for some suggestions ~ I find some great blog posts that way!
Oh our cat's fixed but he's just very, ah, expressive I guess! I think it started as a litterbox protest because it wasn't clean enough for his liking, and now...yeah, he can smell that it's his. I'll definitely look up some solutions. When the kitty showed up at James' door some years ago he was already neutered and had a notch in his ear, so I think maybe he was altered as an adult stray, and already had some bad habits!
My MIL's cat was neutered as a kitten, but he was not happy when they tried to keep him at an apartment. When they went out he protested by peeing on their pillows! (Like, in their bed) So it very well might have been a protest, haha.