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black teal fairy

How to Make Paper Snowflakes: folding

I had a request for patterns of the paper snowflakes I posted recently, and in years past I seem to remember many girls saying they did not know how to make them. Well, I figured it was high-time for a little paper snowflake tutorial! I'm going to break this up into two entries. This one will cover folding, and the second will include the patterns.

I'm a firm believer that a proper snowflake needs to have six sides. You can create beautiful paper cut-outs with four or eight points, but we're going to learn how to fold for a six-point snowflake. The more exact you are with your folding, the more symmetrical your snowflake will be. Press down all of your folds with your finger nail or a bone folder (or whatever works for you) to make everything nice and tight. Now let's get started!

1) Start with a normal piece of printer paper and fold down one corner. Cut off the remaining rectangle of paper.

Paper Snowflake tutorial - Step 1

2) Fold the triangle in half.

Paper Snowflake tutorial - Step 2

3) Now the tricky part. Fold over 1/3 of the triangle. Don't worry though, I never get exactly 1/3 with the first fold, we'll even it out in a minute. (Wait to press down this edge until the sides are even.)

Paper Snowflake tutorial - Step 3

4) Flip over your triangle and fold over the other third. (Folding them on opposite sides reduces the bulkiness, which will help us cut later) See? My sides are even either.

Paper Snowflake tutorial - Step 4

5) You can see this side isn't as wide as the other, so I'm going to move the fold over a little to make it larger. Then I'll flip your triangle back over and re-fold that side to be a little smaller. Repeat if needed, and soon you'll have a perfect third. Now we can press down those folds.

Paper Snowflake tutorial - Step 5

6) Lift up one of the sides and you will see the center section is shorter. Cut off both sides along that line.

Paper Snowflake tutorial - Step 6

7) There you go! To make a smaller snowflake, just cut off an inch or so across the top. Now we are ready to start cutting.

Paper Snowflake tutorial - Step 7